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ID: 88

Make: Model Alliance
Name: RAF BAe Hawk Mk. 1 XX172 St Athan Station Flight
Scale: 1/72
Type: Decals
Era: Modern
The BAE Hawk was originally designed as a trainer and first flew in 1974. Since then there have been several variants, including a ground attack and single seater configuration. The aircraft has been a success story for the British Aerospace industry has been exported around the world. The Hawk is currently used by the RAF as a trainer, and is also the chosen aircraft of the Red Arrows display team. With a top speed of 560kt (1038 km/h, 645 mph); and the ability to be armed with one optional centreline 30mm ADEN cannon or up to 3000kg of ordnance including cluster bombs and AIM-9s, it is a potent aircraft. This new 1/72 decal sheet (also available in 1/48); from Model Alliance Group from their Premier Plus Range Decals focuses on the Special Dragon Hawks. There is a choice of 2 different hawks painted in this Dragon Scheme.....although both aircraft are painted in different colours. The folks at Model Alliance Group have even included a Tiger scheme Hawk. Stencils are not included, but Model Alliance Group has a very comprehensive decal sheet (product # Ma-72/481116); that include the Hawk stencil decals. The decals themselves are beautiful quality and very clearly printed on the 1/72 sample I have before me (scan at right does not show the the sharpness of these decals);. Colours look solid and will cover very well, but the decal also don't appear overly thick. There are enough stencils provided for 2 complete aircraft......with more stencils and national markings, you could make more of the 13 different planes featured on this decal sheet. Clear film is minimal and tapers down nicely to the edge of the decal.